Acne in Cats
Acne in Cats

Feline acne is a skin disease resulting from the inability or lack of desire of some cats to clean their own chins. Most cats groom themselves thoroughly on a daily basis and clean their chins by licking their front feet and then utilizing the moist foot to clean the underside of the chin. Cats that are ill or just too lazy to thoroughly groom themselves are prone to the "blackheads", blood and infection that comprise acne. Just as with adolescent children the problem can sometimes be very severe and painful. Unlike with people this problem in the cat is not related to puberty / adolescence.

Some cats can be affected with a severe acne problem that resolves with treatment and never recurs. Others can be affected with chronically recurring chin infections that require extended care and help from the pet owner to help maintain the cleanliness of their pet's chin. Alcohol, peroxide or witch hazel can be used for this purpose.



Cleaning of the chin with disinfectant


Antibiotic injections


Cortisone injection for the pain and swelling


Oral medication to combat the infection  through the blood stream


Medication to be applied to the chin is  sometimes required.


Hormone medication is occasionally used.

Please notify the doctor if your cat's chin does not heal as expected. Some individuals require blood
tests, biopsies or skin cultures to check for underlying problems. Severe, non-responsive acne
problems will also necessitate specialized medications obtained by prescription at a "people" pharmacy.


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