Asthma (cats)
Feline Asthma

Just as we are, cats can be affected with asthma, an allergic condition of the lungs and airways. Mild symptoms may be only a change from normal behavior, with periodic heavy breathing. More severely affected cats will show wheezing and coughing. Usually there will be no fever or runny nose. This condition is potentially life threatening if severe and untreated. As with people, the condition can be recurrent. 


Since the symptoms of feline asthma can resemble other diseases, the doctor may recommend a complete blood analysis and chest x-rays to make sure the problem is not something else, such as infection, cancer, etc.


Your doctor will help you decide the best form of medical treatment for your cat. This involves the use of cortisone, antibiotics and sometimes medication to help "open up" the air passages. Occasionally, hospitalization may be needed for additional injections or oxygen therapy.

It is often difficult to identify exactly what airborne agent is causing each pet's asthma, therefore, treatment may need to be repeated
periodically throughout your cat's life.


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