Bathe Your Cat

"Aim her at a tub of water and she'll climb all the way to your eyebrows in one second flat".  Yet bathing your cat is often necessary and important for flea control. It doesn't have to leave you battle scarred.

Bathing most cats is a "team sport".  This means that it is a whole lot easier if you have someone hold the kitty by the loose skin at the base of the neck while you wet her down and lather her up.  Apply the water with a hose (if you are outdoors) or a standard flexible shampoo head on the sink or shower faucet.  Don't forget the head and face but remember to keep the shampoo out of the cat's eyes. For best results leave the shampoo on the cat for 3-5 minutes before rinsing her. Afterwards towel dry the kitty as thoroughly as possible. It is best to confine the cat to a spare room while it dries or you might not be able to find kitty later to brush it out.


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