Dental Cleaning
Dental Cleaning (no anesthesia)

New Service Available




A skilled veterinary dental assistant is now available at Tri-City Pet Hospital.






We are very excited about this new service. A technican, experienced and knowledgeable in both teeth cleaning techniques and the patience and gentle restraint techniques is necessary. The teeth are examined by the doctor afterwards.

Keeping your dog or cat's teeth clean is very important for the pet's overall health and long life. However, brushing your pet's teeth is no easy task. We all tend to give up and let time pass. The pet's teeth get bad and then we are faced with major cleaning procedures to get the mouth healthy again. This is a vicious cycle.

Cooperative pets (that can tolerate being held for about 30 minutes) that have discolored teeth and/or bad breath are good candidates for this new technique.

Pets with infected teeth or gums will still need anesthesia to enable the doctor to remove or repair teeth,  deep clean the roots or perform oral surgery.

Please call us and make an appointment with the doctor for a thorough dental examination. The doctor can advise you as to whether your pet would benefit from this new technique.

Start when your pet is about 3 years old and have it done frequently, about twice a year is average. Clean teeth are less likely to become diseased teeth later on.



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