Elizabethan Collars

Preventing self-injury is an important part of home care for sick pets. Animal patients may harm themselves by rubbing, scratching or chewing their wounds, bandages or surgical incisions. It is a common misconception that a pet's saliva helps to heal a wound. In actual fact, the abrasive action of the tongue usually makes matters worse rather than better and slows down the healing process.

    The Elizabethan Collar is a special type of collar that is secured around the pet's head/neck. It will help prevent the pet from licking, chewing, scratching or rubbing until healing is complete.

Pets can eat, drink and sleep with the collar on.  After an initial 1-2 hour period of strange behavior most pets accept the collar without further concern. The plastic collar can be cleaned by wiping it with a wet cloth. Rubbing alcohol can be used for tougher stains. The collar can be removed for cleaning but otherwise should be left on the pet at all times.  Taking it off and putting it on repeatedly just makes it harder for the pet to adjust to the collar.

After the problem has resolved do not throw the collar away. Keep it for future use. Pets routinely develop problems where excessive licking aggravates the condition. Skin rashes can often be successfully treated at home with skin ointments and putting the collar on the pet for a few days. This can often save you a trip to the doctor, something both you and your pet would appreciate.


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