Lipomas on your pet

We have identified a lipoma on your pet. This is a non-cancerous fatty tumor located under the skin. In people these tumors can be worrisome but with pets they are rarely malignant.  These lumps are often found coincidentally when you touch your pet or by the doctor during a physical examination. They rarely cause health problems or pain. The doctor may recommend a non-painful needle aspiration test to confirm the diagnosis.

Lipomas should be removed if:

They bother your pet.
Some fatty tumors can interfere with leg movement or cause pressure when the pet lies down.

  1. They bother you.
    Looking at a lump or touching it during petting can be uncomfortable.
  2. They are enlarging.
    Removing a small fatty tumor is a minor surgical procedure.

Lipomas are one of the most common tumors affecting our pets. They are more commonly seen in older pets and/or those with a weight problem.  Although the aging process is out of our control, keeping your pet's weight under control can help to minimize these fatty growths.



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