Microchip FAQ


END YOUR WORRIES... about losing your pet and having it end up put to sleep or sold to some research laboratory!

An ID collar is still a good idea, but if the collar is lost or removed, the hidden microchip will provide the protection that can make the difference between life or death for your pet.


Donít wait until itís too late!

Frequently Asked Questions About the

Q. What is an identification microchip ?

A. The special microchip is a tiny computer chip which has an identification number programmed into it and is encapsulated within a bio-compatible material. It is simply injected under the skin of your pet, where it will stay for the life of the animal. This provides a permanent, positive identification, which cannot be lost, altered, or intentionally removed.

Q. How does the microchip work ?

A. The computer memory in the microchip contains a unique number - no two animals will ever have the same number. A radio signal is used to read this number through your pet's skin.

Q. How long does the microchip last ?

A. Once injected under the skin of your pet, the microchip becomes encased by a thin layer of protein, which anchors it in place. The microchip itself has no power supply to replace or moving parts to wear down.

Q. My pets never leave my yard. Why does it need a microchip ?

A. It only takes one time for the mailman, gardener, meter reader, neighbor, or visitor to leave the gate open or the door ajar. Unaltered pets in particular have a desire to roam. Earthquakes / storms can make even the best trained pet bolt and run. Pet theft is also a daily occurrence unfortunately.

Q. Does my pet have to be sedated for the injection ?

A. No.  Injecting the microchip is just like any other injection or vaccination.

Q. Does the procedure hurt my pet ?

A. No, no more discomfort than a routine vaccination.

Q. If my pet is found, how does the shelter know to contact me ?

A. When a shelter finds a pet with a microchip they will call an #800. The operator will immediately give the caller the name of the veterinarian who implanted the microchip. That veterinarian will be called and will conduct a search of the medical records. The pet owner is then called by the doctor with the information regarding the location of their lost pet. If the pet is registered with PETrac, a nationwide recovery network, the caller/shelter will be given the pet owner's name directly. This "factors the veterinarian out of the recovery equation".  It is advisable for those that move a lot, change phone numbers frequently, or just prefer to be called directly. It is the most rapid recovery method because fewer people are involved. PETrac involves an additional, one-time fee of $35, that covers all of your pets, now and future.


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