New information that changes the way that vaccines are given to your pet!

Recently we are experiencing the biggest change in vaccination philosophy that has ever occurred since we began vaccinating our pets!

Current research by infectious disease experts suggests:

  1. Certain vaccinations offer longer protection than previously thought. Not all vaccinations need to be repeated ("boostered") every year.
  2. These same experts also suggest that fewer vaccinations be given to each pet each year. This is due to the fact that vaccines have become stronger and more potent over the years. Therefore, some vaccines are divided into component parts and administered separately.
  3. Finally, new vaccines have become available to offer even more protection for your pet. Giardia (dysentery) vaccine for dogs and Bordetella (bronchitis) vaccine for cats are now recommended for "at risk" pets.

Due to this new information each pet will need a customized vaccination schedule based on his/her "lifestyle". Our trained nursing staff can help you.



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