Food supplements

continue to be a topic of controversy for pets and people.


                             Here's what we think.

Just as humans sometimes need extra vitamins and minerals to enhance a balanced diet, so do pets.

Although most national brands of pet food meet the minimum  requirements there are still reasons to consider supplementing your pet's diet with vitamins.



Some inexpensive brands of pet food do not contain adequate vitamins and minerals.

Some pets eat a lot of table food and do not even get the minimum vitamin / mineral levels that their pet food provides.

Young, growing pets benefit from vitamin levels above the minimum daily requirement.

Older pets develop reduced internal organ function and need additional vitamins and minerals to maintain their balance.

Pets recovering from an illness or those prone to sickness have weaker immune systems and supplemental vitamins can strengthen their ability to fight off disease.

Urban pets are constantly exposed to environmental toxins
(pollution, fertilizers and chemicals) which stress internal function.

We recommend that all pets be given at least a "one-a-day" type vitamin / mineral supplement.


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